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Bertoletti Pelliccerie



After moving in the heart of Rome, Francesco Bertoletti opened his first fur shop. Since 1882 it was always been a family company. The first historical notes of the company appear in the 1885 edition of the Monks Guide and in the Treccani Encyclopedia under the heading Umberto Natale Bertoletti. Over the years, during the Great Depression and World Wars I and II, the passion and knowledge passed on the new generation. The family business grows and became leader of the profession in Italy, with a prominent interest in the international market such as Moscow, where the company was invited in order to represent Italian High Fashion in Russia as the only fur fashion house, together with Emilio Pucci, Roberto Capucci and Antonelli. Four generations of experience who love women and style.

A new generation means a new spirit…


In the 1984s, Francesco, also known as Kekko dj, led the company and gave new lines and spirit to the manufacture of fur and all materials associated with it. A new impetus was given to the company, also marked by innovation and dynamism.

Between art and fashion, some famous photographers, including Johnny Moncada and Bob Krieger, had taken Bertoletti’s creations. Working with fashion model of that period, such as the iconic Pat Cleveland, in 1987 Francesco created the furs for the Gattinoni high fashion show.

Bertoletti’s fashion shows took place at the famous hotels such as Excelsior and Grand hotel, synonymous with Italian style and magnificence in the 1960s and most of all Federico Fellini’s landmark film La Dolce Vita. In 1993 he also presented Astrapen, a blend of astrakhan and rabbit fur. Also the fashion magazine Book moda acclaimed his creative skills. The “Bertoletti Alta Moda Italiana 1882” label was launched in 2004 and became a registered trademark with which the firm certifies its techno-craft production. In 2009, to reach the eastern market, it entered into a commercial agreement with the online Su Seven platform.



In 2011 the company become a member of the Associazione dei Negozi Storici di Eccellenza di Roma (Rome Association of Historic Shops of Excellence) and thanks to the resolution 10/2010 was also included in the Albo delle Attività Storiche della Capitale (Register of Historic Roman Firms).

In 2012, the company has been recognized as Impresa Storica d’Italia by the public body Unioncamere, the Italian Union of Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Handicrafts, and Agriculture.

In 2012 has been recognized as Historic Enterprise of Italy placed on Registro Nazionale Unioncamere.

Since 2018 Francesco Bertoletti is Commissioner of the Italian Fur Association, Regions of Lazio, Abruzzo and Molise.

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